Isabel Gregg

As an adventurer, I've traveled to over twenty countries on three continents to experience the epic grandeur of Icelandic waterfalls, traditional folk-singing in Georgia, the Martian deserts of Bolivia, and moments in between with close friends in New York. It has been having my camera with me that has allowed me to carry these moments along with me and share them with the world.

My photography is inspired by the majesty of Mother Nature and by the intimate moments between loved ones. Through my work, I hope to catch not the perfection, but the lovely in-betweens that make a moment special.

When working with clients, I hope to combine our creative visions to capture an experience that feels uniquely you.


I am currently booking sessions for December 2018 and 2019.

  • Couples and engagement

  • Lifestyle and travel

  • Families and maternity

  • Small businesses

  • Your unique adventures

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